Best Prostate Cancer Treatment

Best Prostate Cancer Treatment

prostate-cancer-symbolIs there anything like a best prostate cancer treatment?  Let us find out.

Majority of the prostate cancers that are identified in early stages grow very slowly.  This means that you need not rush for any kind of a treatment but be under active surveillance under your doctor.  So, it is during such time that many of the patients delve deep into the different types of treatment that are available.  All said and done, the patient needs to be prepared to talk to his doctor, ask questions and also enquire about the treatment choices and try to identify the one that would help him with less number of side effects.

Talking about and taking part while making treatment choices would definitely help the patient tackle the situation better.  There are the traditional methods as well as the latest methods of prostate cancer treatment but each one is also accompanied with its own share of positives and negatives.  What is a best prostate cancer treatment choice for one person need not necessarily be the same for another.

The treatment choice depends on a lot of factors and they are

  • Age
  • The kind of care that is available
  • If there exist any other health problems in addition to prostate cancer.
  • If the patient had undergone surgery for enlarge prostate earlier.
  • Prostate cancer risk group to which the patient belongs to…whether low, medium or high.
  • And the choices that the patient values most.  It is the unique experiences that individuals have in life that make them prejudiced or for specific kinds of treatment.  So, bearing in mind these impressions will definitely influence and guide the patient in making a treatment choice along with his doctor.

In addition to the above factors one can also gauge the risks and benefits of the treatment options that are available and then make an informed decision.  Being familiar with the various side effects will also give additional strength to be prepared to face the toughest part of the treatment.  Active surveillance, radiation therapy, surgery, hormone therapy, chemotherapy, and biologic therapy are the standard treatment procedures.  Cryosurgery, HIFU, and proton beam radiation therapy are the latest types of treatments available.

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