Prostate Cancer Treatment Options 2013

Prostate cancer treatments are making strides as development of individual treatment methods continues to eveolve.  When the cancer is caught in the early stages and remains localized, it is much easier to treat with a successful outcome using a variety of techniques.

Tradional treatment includes prostate cancer include surgery, radiation therapy or seeds, brachytherapy, hormone therapy and even watchful waiting. Long term outcome data are now available for several types of treatment to confirm the effectiveness of the various treatment types.

This article takes into account that prostate cancer may be multifocal in nature so the detection of small foci of disease could result in a better “targeted therapy.” – read more

The university study goes on to say:” HIFU seems to result in short- to medium-term cancer control, as shown by a high percentage of negative biopsies and decreased PSA levels”.

It is important to consider various opinions before making an informed decision regarding treatment depending on the individual’s circumstances.


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