Prostate Cancer Treatment Side Effects

Prostate Cancer Treatment Side Effects

Majority of the men understand that when identified early, prostate cancer can be treated with less complications and suffering too.  Men have understandable concerns regarding the prostate cancer treatment side effects and hence it also pays off to stay well informed about what they can expect if they chose a particular treatment type over the other.

Listed down are the six main categories of prostate cancer treatment side effects that men might fall prey to:

  • Urinary Dysfunction:  Characterized by urinary incontinence and urinary bother.  In this condition there may be a lack of control over the bladder either completely or partly, increased urinary frequency, pain during urination, and increased urinary urgency.
  • Bowel Dysfunction:  This broad term encompasses fecal incontinence, diarrhea and also rectal bleeding.  These side effects are very common after the external beam radiotherapy.
  • Erectile Dysfunction:  Regardless of the kind of treatment procedure employed, invariably all men experience erectile dysfunction at least during the first few months of the treatment.  However, there is considerable amount of improvement with passing of time.
  • Loss of Fertility:  It has been proved that men who have undergone the treatment for prostate cancer will not be able to restore their ability to father any more children by way of sexual intercourse.  The prostate and seminal vesicles are removed during prostectomy.
  • Hormone Therapy side effects:  Testosterone loss sets in numerous side effects like decreased sexual desire, erectile dysfunction, increased risk of heart attacks and diabetes, increased fracture risk and loss or reduction in bone density.
  • Chemotherapy side effects:  Every singular chemotherapy drug works in its own distinct fashion.  And the side effects it produces in one may not be the same as in another.  Close attention to the different reactions will help in staying prepared during the next time of treatment.

Basing on the kind of treatment that has been employed, the patient might suffer from a few or all of the side effects.  It is however very crucial to realize that not all these symptoms and side effects are normal and they do need immediate attention and care.  There are treatment procedures too to help the patient overcome the side effects.  The doctors would be able to suggest the right course of action as well as management of the side effects.

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