HIFU Prostate Cancer Treatment

HIFU Prostate Cancer Treatment

prostate cancer treatment options HIFUHIFU Prostate cancer treatment is a noninvasive therapy to treat localized prostate cancer.  This treatment procedure makes use of sound waves or ultrasound energy to heat up and destroy the specific target areas of the cancerous tissue.  This procedure has found many takes as it lasts only for 1-4 hours depending on the size of the prostate.

The HIFU prostate cancer treatment has its own distinct therapeutic advantages when compared to other conventional or latest prostate cancer treatment procedures.  When the less time that it consumes may be the touted as one good advantage, the out-patient nature of the treatment is another one.  Once the patient has undergone the treatment procedure he is able to be up and walking on his own and can also get back to his regular lifestyle within a matter of few days.  The catheter that is inserted however should be worn for a period of one week or up to three weeks.

As the patient is not exposed to any kind of radiation, one need not fear about all those side effects that the radiation therapy brings in.  The patient does not have to stay put in the hospital.  HIFU procedure is done after the patient is given local anesthesia and the procedure is found to be ideal to treat recurrent prostate cancer.  This non surgical procedure can be coupled with any other prostate cancer treatment options too.

HIFU prostate cancer treatment is found to be ideal for those men who have been identified with prostate cancer in its early stage.  The cancer is strictly localized and did not spread elsewhere at all or has not metastasized out of the prostate too.  All said and done, it is important to discuss the condition with one’s own doctor who would take into consideration the individual medical records of the patient, the patient’s history of other medical conditions as well and help plan a course of action.

The treatment option is also found to be ideal for those people who have witnessed a recurrence in the prostate cancer despite undergoing brachytherapy, radiation therapy or other forms of treatment.  Such kind of patients too can opt for HIFU provided the cancer has not spread into other organs or bones.


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