Early Stage Prostate Cancer Treatment

Early Stage Prostate Cancer Treatment

prostate-cancer-symptoms-diagnosisEarly stage prostate cancer treatment can definitely help the patient recover from the condition quickly but he has to make the right choice of the treatment.  As prostate cancer can be detected in early stages, the number of treatment choices may be considered to get effective results.

One can sit with their doctor, wife and family to discuss the pros and cons of the various treatment choices.  But, however, active surveillance, radiation therapy and surgery are the standard early stage prostate cancer treatment choices.  Each method of treatment has its own benefits and also risks and very rarely do we find a singular treatment that would turn out to be the best.

Active Surveillance:  This refers to the process of keeping a close watch for further signs of growth or change of the prostate cancer.  The early stage may not call for immediate treatment and hence the doctor puts the patient under active surveillance or watching waiting.  As the cancer grows at a very slow speed, patients can be put under this kind of a treatment.

Radiation Therapy:  Through this treatment procedure high dose of radiation energy is used to treat cancer.  This method is found to give good results in early stage and is also found to be ideal for older men who also suffer from other health issues.  External beam radiation, brachytherapy, LDR Brachytherapy and HDR Brachytherapy are the types of radiation therapies that the doctors may use to treat early stage prostate cancer.

Surgery:  This treatment choice is for those men who enjoy good health and do not have any other complications.  Surgery involves removal of the prostate gland and hence is also termed as prostatectomy.  Open prostatectomy (a single long cut is made in the abdomen and the prostate is removed) and Laparoscopic surgery (Prostate is removed with the help of a laparoscope after making cuts in the abdomen and the navel) and perineal prostatectomy (the prostate is removed after making an incision between the anus and scrotum) are the three procedures that are used by the doctor as a part of the surgery options.

Discuss with your doctor which treatment option would be right for you.

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