Prostate Cancer Radiation Therapy or Prostate Removal – Hernia Risk

Prostate removal or radiation therapy for cancer treatment is linked to a two- to
four-fold higher than usual risk of later having a hernia repaired, according to
a new Nilsson, Hanna MD; Stranne, Johan MD, PhD; Stattin, Pär MD, PhD; Nordin, Pär MD, PhD.

Groin hernia repair after having prostate cancer surgery or radiation therapy was assessed and the conclusions remain that there was an increased HR – hazard ration of groin hernia repair according to age and tumor risk category.

It is unclear if damage to surrounding tissue during surgery or treatment may have something to do with the outcome. It seems that those patients that underwent a radical prostatectomy had an even higher incidence than those that underwent radiation therapy.

“One study of 1,700 men published last year found that some men can avoid hernia
surgery – without any untoward health effects- by watchful waiting (see Reuters
Health story of March 22, 2012).”

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SOURCE: Annals of Surgery, online June 6, 2013.

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